This April 23, 2016 photo shows camels in front of the

Rear Adm. Jonathan White, the Navy’s chief oceanographer and head of its climate change task force, is one of the most knowledgeable people in the military about what’s actually happening on our rapidly heating planet. Whenever another officer or a congressperson corners White and presses him about why he spends so much time thinking about climate change, he doesn’t even try to explain thermal expansion of the oceans or ice dynamics in the Arctic.

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The citrus psyllid carries a bacteria that shuts down the root system of citrus trees, causing them and their fruit to starve, wither, and die. No cure exists, and one fly has been trapped in Goleta. Although the fruit flies were found in greater numbers in Santa Barbara by Earl Warren Showgrounds and Elings Park the treatment campaign will be limited to locales within a quarter mile of the commercial citrus operations in Goleta because of funding limitations.

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We put this semifinal in the second spot

I was drinking a vodka orange and there was a little left. I broke up the pill and put it into the juice mixed with vodka. Sought to show that Jordan, believing she was ultimately protecting her son, brought the drugs to the hotel room with the intention of killing them both, but she survived the suicide attempt..

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