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In Batting, Faf and Raina look stabilized as of now whereas Smith is still in his unreliable form though good starts in the most of the matches but looking at how he has played in the eliminators so far he might come good. The problem is with Opener No.2, Dhoni’s Batting https://www.wholesalejerseyslan.com, Jaddu’s batting and Bravo’s lack of batting chances. Personally I feel Pathan and Tye/Abott might strengthen the team, but as the problem is with the batting and not the bowling, Dhoni will not make any change in Bowling..

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cheap jerseys Knew going in there weren going to be many pretty goals Cheap Jerseys from china, said Bozak. Ice got pretty snowy pretty fast. They did a great job cleaning it. Ukip chaos as Nigel Farage IS still leader after Diane James quit 18 days into the jobThree time leader Nigel Farage said he will carry on in an acting leader post after a monumental balls up with the Electoral CommissionByDan Bloom08:54, 5 OCT 2016Updated14:12, 6 OCT 2016Just what the hell is going on in Ukip? (Photo: Matt Cardy) Get politics updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailUkip is in utter chaos and still has Nigel Farage as its boss after new leader Diane James quit just 18 days into the job.The 56 year old Surrey businesswoman dramatically resigned saying she had never “formalised” her leadership.The decision threw Ukip into disarray last night as top officials and MEPs all scrambled to work out what was going on.The Electoral Commission eventually confirmed Ms James was never legally registered as the leader because she only sent in her paperwork on Monday and officials had “questions” about it.A source claimed she wrote the words “under duress” in Latin on the forms.Now three time leader and famous “unresigner” Mr Farage has announced he IS still the leader despite insisting he won’t run again.Who will be the next Ukip leader? Odds and favourites to replace Nigel Farage and Diane JamesHe told Sky News: “Diane James did not become officially legally the leader of Ukip, so my name is still there. So I will continue as the acting leader of Ukip whilst we re do the election process.”He blamed “a combination of personal reasons and understanding the extent to which this job would change her life” for Ms James’ departure.He insisted he wouldn’t return, saying: “I’ve done my bit. It’s a pretty rotten job being leader of any political party and I think being leader of Ukip is probably more rotten than all the others.”But he remained the bookies’ 10/1 fifth favourite and Ukip chairman Paul Oakden wouldn’t rule out his return.Mr Oakden said he had still not spoken to Ms James and had no idea who the registered leader was with the Electoral Commission cheap jerseys.