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Results versus progress orientated parenting

“A little progress every day adds up to big results”
It doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO of a multi-national company, the manager of a successful sports team or just a parent trying their best with a child, the above quote applies to you.
Of course, it’s easy to become obsessed with instant results when it comes to your little bundle of joy, but that’s not how life or parenting works. As every father and mother knows, sometimes parenting isn’t easy and the results don’t turn out quite as you had hoped.

There is no signal

‘We have just landed at Los Angeles International Airport, if your phone is within your reach, you may now turn it on.

A flurry of activity ensues.

Phones out of pockets, flight mode off and mobile data on.

The search for network begins. Circles that go round and round, bars with a little cross on top, time itself almost feels like its gone into standstill while we await with baited breath.

The H.A.L.T Parent

“Tony, if you don’t eat your dinner, there will be no TV for you later.” You say exasperated. It is a constant nightly battle just to feed the little one.
“Gina, put on your coat and shoes now, we are going.” 10 minutes later. “GINA! PUT ON YOUR SHOE NOW!” And still the toddler is nowhere to be seen.

The emptiness of being a mum

Last night while snuggled up with my wife we were having a conversation replaying in our minds the day. It was very interesting as she said, “Jessica was very good today, we went to the library, had a picnic, went to the park. She had all her meals without fuss.”

After a short run summary of the events, I asked, “So how do you feel?”

Much to my surprise she felt unfulfilled. She said, “I feel so lost. At work, there are deadlines, project goals to reach, things to do which I can check off my list. Whereas being a stay at home mum, there is no sense accomplishment, no feeling like I have done anything useful, no way to measure any form of progress.”

I’d rather be at work

I’d rather be at work

“Thank you man, that simple stretch you showed me really took my pain away.’

‘Hey Steve, I got to tell ya, after having this condition for 15 years you are the first one who found the cause’

I used to shout at my kids

‘jessica…Jessica…Jessica! JESSICA!!!!’
I yell at my children. There I said it. Do I feel bad about it? Absolutely. I am also very proud to say that I am now a reformed ‘child yeller’ and have been sober, uh I mean, been very kind to them for over 1 year.
Like every parent I had many challenges raising my kids.

The Day I Almost Died

It was like any other day. I gave my two angels (the big one, my wife and the little one, my daughter) a peck on the cheek and started driving to work. All was well, same road, same traffic conditions, same music playing until I got to the bridge at Gordonvale. Then, within an instant, my life was permanently changed.