What Happens When You Don’t Back Up What You Say

Most parents are guilty of a monstrous crime – they don’t back up their word! Has your child ever said, “Daddy, but you promised?”

Well, once you make a promise, it is important that you follow through with it to avoid misunderstandings. The fact is that kids remember broken promises for days, weeks and even months. And things can get worse especially if it were an emotional event. Often when kids face the same situation again, they would remember that you didn’t back up your promise and they would feel bad about it.

10 Ways to ‘Un-spoil’ Your Child’s Money Concepts

Every responsible parent wants to raise well mannered children who can handle responsibilities and challenges when it comes to finances. But what’s alarming is that we (parents) can only blame ourselves for spoiling our adorable angels.

10 Practical Life Lessons to Help Kids Prepare for Adulthood

You still remember the day your angel was born and now your child is in the process of becoming a young adult. The experience is exciting but as a parent, it’s very natural to be scared. Will your child be able to handle the increasing independence and change with ease? Will they be comfortable going to college and even starting a job?