Share Your Story With Your Kids

Share your story? What’s that mean? It means to let your kids know who you were as a kid. It means to:

Tell them about your childhood experiences
Let them know you went through the same things they are going through
Tell them about the games you played as a kid
Empathize with them by sharing your not-so-great school, friend, sports, and fashion experiences
Tell them the good, bad, and ugly (age appropriately) about your youth in order to help them understand that you really do know what they are going through
Share pictures and keepsakes with them to make your youth more real and tangible to them

Saying No to Sleepovers

Chances are when you were a kid you and your friends spent many Friday or Saturday nights sleeping over at each other’s houses. In some regions they are referred to as ‘sleepovers’. Others call them ‘bunking parties’, ‘overnights’, or ‘pajama parties’.

Presence is Better Than Presents Every Time

We raised four happy, healthy, well-adjusted, loving, and successful children without any of the following:

Cable television
A trip to Disneyland
Buying them a car
Paying for their cellphones
Taking them on a cruise
Dressing them in designer clothes and shoes