Discipline… What Works For One Child Won’t Work For Another

As the mother of four and grandmother of six, I can tell you first-hand that what works for one child when it comes to disciplinary measures doesn’t work for another. As a parent, though, you owe it to yourself and your children to find which method of discipline works best for each one in order to make it effective in all the right ways.

The Hidden Benefits of Teaching your Children Respect and Kindness to Animals

Some might think I’m a tad on the extreme side, but I always discourage my kids from killing bugs or worms needlessly. No need to kill something just for the sake of killing it, are my thoughts. It is a small gesture but one my daycare children have come to appreciate.

I currently have no pets but yet in my suburbia neighborhood, we feed the chipmunks, squirrels and birds. I even have a couple of chipmunks that step inside my backdoor on occasion to eat out of a bowl or from our hand. The kids love to feed them from their hand. (Yes we always wash and sanitize after.)

The Good, the Bad and the Balance of Electronics and Your Family

Remember how inconvenient it was when the phone rang during dinner in the 80’s? Well, now we have the beeps of messages, bells and whistles of notifications, and for my husband, it’s the theme song from Big Bang Theory playing when he gets a call. I shake my head every time I hear it. Electronics certainly have their place and we will look at the positives, negatives and how we can have some balance with our techy world while still maintaining a great family life.