Participate; Don’t Just Spectate in Your Child’s Life

How many times have you heard it? ”Mom, watch this!”, “Dad, can we go to the park? “or “Mom, will you play cards with me?”

Our children love for us to be part of their experiences. But let’s face it, many parents are run ragged with work, meals, homework or after-school activities. We miss opportunities of participating in our children’s lives. We drop them off here and there with quick chats in between but how much are we actually partaking in their lives?

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Simple Ways To Promote Your Child’s Independence

Children crave independence. Any parent of a toddler or young child or tween or teen…basically a parent with a child of any age recognizes this desire for independence!

I believe that independence is freedom to make my own decisions, based on what is best for me while also respecting others. I believe independence is not having to be dependent on someone else. And I believe that independence means being true to who I am.