Dear Mum and Dad,

Can you believe we’ve been together for one month already? I bet you hardly remember what it was like without me in your life!

I love to listen to your voices. I’ve been listening to both of you since before I was born, so it’s easy to recognize the sound of your voice. I like it when you talk to me before you pick me up from my crib or when we lay on the floor to play. My body goes still so I can concentrate on your voice. I also like to hear music or musical toys. It really helps when you talk and sing to me while I’m crying. Hearing your voice assures me that you are going to make me feel better. I trust you so much!

I know that I still cry a lot but I’m learning how to make other noises, too. I can coo and produce some other guttural sounds. Even though I can’t speak words, I enjoy our animated conversations and your baby talk!

Mom: “Hi baby! You are so happy today!”

Me: “Coo. Coooooo.”

Dad: “Look at you kiddo, you look stronger today than you did yesterday!”

Me: “Goo. Goo. Goo.”

Hearing you talk helps me listen for specific sounds and syllables. Keep talking to me because over the next few months, I will learn to mimic these noises. All of our conversations encourage me to keep cooing, remind me that you love me, and will stimulate my brain and mouth muscles.

(By the way, Dad, you’re so good at making silly faces! And Mom, you are very good at talking baby talk. Where did you learn?)

My little body is growing every day. I eat 2-3oz every 3-4 hours. I enjoy cuddling with you while I eat, especially when you let me hold your finger! Some people think that putting cereal in my bottle will help fill up my belly so that I can sleep longer at night. But this probably isn’t a good idea yet, since I am still very young. Plus, right now I think milk is the best thing ever!

Can you tell that I am getting bigger and stronger? I probably weigh between 7lbs 4oz and 11lbs 4oz. And I have grown up to 22.2 inches long. Don’t forget that my brain and head grow, too; my head’s circumference is probably 13.6-15 inches.

My eyes are starting to follow objects from side to side. I learn this when we play together. Hold an object about 10 inches away from my face and move it slowly to the side. I should be able to follow it along! You can also do this with your face. Mom, you are so pretty that I can’t take my eyes off of you! And Dad, you are one handsome fella! But truthfully, you guys make the best silly faces, especially when you stick out your tongue, so I love to look at you both.

I have been working out, just like you Dad! When I lay on my tummy, I can now pick my head all of the way up. I like it when you move my arms and legs for me, too. This teaches me how I can move my muscles to exercise. Keep playing “Patty Cake” with me and moving my arms, or singing “The Wheels on The Bus” while you pedal my legs.

And I am starting to reach my hands into my mouth, but keep showing me how until I perfect this skill. Sucking helps calm me down, so sucking on my fingers or thumb is a great way for me to learn how to self soothe. This is especially helpful in the middle of the night. Soon I can suck on my fingers when I wake up instead of needing you to put a pacifier in my mouth. (Keep my fingernails trimmed so that I don’t scratch myself. Ouch!) And just imagine, after I learn how to reach my hands to my mouth, I won’t be far from reaching my arms out to your for a hug!

Speaking of sleeping, I should be sleeping a total of 8 hours during the day and 8 hours at night. I know that’s not consecutive, but I should be sleeping in longer increments and staying awake longer as well. Help me stay awake for at least an hour at a time during the day. A good way to do this is to give me a bath, play on the floor with me, show me moving objects, read books to me with contrasting pictures, or sing songs while you move my arms and legs to the rhythms.

I hope that you are getting some rest, too! I know that I take a lot of work, but I know how much you love me. Remember, it is okay to call Grandma or Auntie or your best friend to come help. Take me outside for a walk in the stroller or for a ride in the car if you need a break. You are doing a great job, Mum and Dad! I love you so much already, and can’t imagine parents who are better than you.

I love you!


Your 1 Month Old Baby

1 Month Old Milestone Highlights

Physical Growth Boys weight: 7lbs 15oz-11lbs 3.9oz
Boys length: 20.3in-22.2in
Boys head circumference: 13.9-15.2in
Girls weight: 7lbs 4.4oz-10lbs 9.3oz
Girls length: 19.9in-21.9in
Girls head circumference: 13.6-14.9in
Eating Eats 2-3oz every 3-4 hours
Sleeping Awake for 1 hour increments. Sleeps 8 hours during day and 8 hours during night.
Expressive Communication Begins to coo and make more noises
Receptive Language Will get still to listen to voices, sounds, or music
Cognitive Begins to track objects with eyes from side to side
Social Emotional Calm down by hearing parent’s voice or being picked up
Fine Motor Brings hand to mouth
Gross Motor Lifts head when laying on stomach


Jana is the odd one out. Not a parent herself, she writes from the perspective of a young baby sitter. Experienced in making bedtime fun, she brings a unique perspective to parenting. She hopes that all she learns now will make the magic of being a parent just that extra bit special. She has no fixed address and is vagabonding around the globe, widening her world view.