Dear Mum and Dad,

You’re so good at this parenting thing! Your overflowing love has been evident through our snuggles, playtime, and conversations over these past 2 months.

Have you noticed some of my latest tricks? One is that I can smile at you! Good thing Dad is an expert at silly faces and Mom gives the best baby tickles. Another trick is that I can open up my hands! Instead of keeping them clenched, I have begun to to relax them more, which will help me grasp your fingers even better.

I can also pick up my head and chest off of the ground when I’m laying on my tummy! Thanks for practicing with me every day. I really like it when you hold a toy just above my field of view, because it encourages me to lift my head up. Because my neck is growing stronger, I’m also getting better at swiveling my head. I like to look at you when I’m laying down because it is good practice for this. I enjoy playing the fun game where you shake a rattle on one side of me and I turn my head to look. And then, after I watch the toy for a few seconds, you switch it to the other side of me so I can turn my head again! I may not be able to do this while sitting or being held yet, since I’m still working on holding my head still, but keep playing with me on a blanket!

Remember how last month I began to track objects side to side with my eyes? Well, this month I can also track things vertically, and next month I will be able to follow all 360 degrees! Will you help me practice this by slowly moving a toy in all directions? Better yet, let me look at your beautiful face while you move about.

My eyes are capturing so many details about the world around me. Have you hung a mobile above my crib yet? I enjoy watching moving objects, and this may even help me fall asleep. If you put me to bed when I’m awake but drowsy, see if I will fall put myself to sleep watching the mobile move.

I should be sleeping 3-4 hours each night (which means you should be getting more sleep, too!). I probably like to be swaddled since my muscles spontaneously move my arms and legs around. I may wake up making noises but I may also put myself back to sleep. I might even start sucking on my hands if I lose my pacifier. When I wake up, simply fix the problem to relieve my crying (change my diaper, feed me, rub my belly to help with gas, etc.). It nice to do this with only a dim light on to teach me that nighttime is for sleeping. And don’t forget that it’s safest for me to sleep on my back at night.

Hopefully your arms are getting stronger from our frequent cuddles. I should weigh between 9 and 13 pounds now, and measure 21-24 inches long. My little head will read between 14 and 15.9 inches, too. The more I weigh, the more I will eat, which is probably 3-5oz of milk every 3-4 hours.

I wish I could tell you how much I like hearing your voice, Mum, or how I enjoy being in your strong arms, Dad. I still can’t talk yet, but I’m making more and more noises every day. Besides cooing, I can make a few vowel sounds, like, “aah” or “eeh” or “ooh.” I enjoy our pretend conversations where I make a noise and then you mimic it back. It really surprises me when I say “aah” over and over and you keep copying me, then you suddenly change the sound and say, “ma” or “da”! That’s silly but I like it. Pretty soon I will try to mimic those sounds, too.

I love you both so much! And now I’m starting to smile at you to show you just how much I love you. I’m especially happy during bath time, when you read me stories with animated voices, and when you make silly faces at me. Those musical toys with all of the lights are amazing and I enjoy watching them. All of my books with bright colors are nice, too. And who is that baby I keep seeing in the mirror? Whoever it is, they are mighty cute and I like hanging out with them.

Remember, every time you see my smile, it’s my 2 month old way of saying, “I love you!”


Your 2 Month Old Baby

2 Month Old Milestone Highlights

Physical Growth Boys weight: 9lbs 14oz – 11lbs 14oz
Boys length: 21.7in – 23.8in
Boys head circumference: 14.7-15.9in
Girls weight: 9lbs – 13lbs
Girls length: 21.2in – 23.3in
Girls head circumference: 14.3-15.6in
Eating 3-5oz of formula every four hours, 3-4oz of breast milk every 3-4 hours
Sleeping Sleeps 3-4 hours continuously at night
Expressive Communication Throaty noises, coos, and vowel sounds
Receptive Language Will turn head to sound when lying down
Cognitive Tracks objects horizontally, and begins to track vertically
Social Emotional Social smile
Fine Motor Opens fists and relaxes hands
Gross Motor Lifts head and chest off of floor when laying on stomach


Jana is the odd one out. Not a parent herself, she writes from the perspective of a young baby sitter. Experienced in making bedtime fun, she brings a unique perspective to parenting. She hopes that all she learns now will make the magic of being a parent just that extra bit special. She has no fixed address and is vagabonding around the globe, widening her world view.