Opt in Talk so your kids will listen

Talk so your kids will listen

Do any of these sound familiar?

Stop crying.

Calm down.

Knock it off.

When Will the Toddler Tantrums End?

The term toddler tantrum is deceptive. It suggests that children only tantrum when they are between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old. Any parent of a teenager will laugh in the face of this preposterous suggestion. Even adults have been known to have a strop when things don’t go their own way. The truth is if your child has started to tantrum, you might as well get used to it because in some form or another tantrums are here to stay.
That said, it isn’t all doom and gloom, from the moment your bundle of joy is born they will go through various challenging stages and no matter how frustrating each stage is; it will end. The problem is this just tends to make way for a new one!

Dear Mum and Dad, A Letter From Your 1 Month Old

Dear Mum and Dad,

Can you believe we’ve been together for one month already? I bet you hardly remember what it was like without me in your life!

I love to listen to your voices. I’ve been listening to both of you since before I was born, so it’s easy to recognize the sound of your voice. I like it when you talk to me before you pick me up from my crib or when we lay on the floor to play. My body goes still so I can concentrate on your voice. I also like to hear music or musical toys. It really helps when you talk and sing to me while I’m crying. Hearing your voice assures me that you are going to make me feel better. I trust you so much!

Just 1 new habit can change parenting hell into parenting bliss

Just 1 new habit can change parenting hell into parenting bliss
I know what you are thinking, ‘1 new habit? Give me a break’.
I don’t blame you, in a world with ‘get your baby to sleep within 10 minutes or your money back guaranteed’ it is easy to suffer from advertisement fatigue.

Why Laid Back Parents Raise Happier and Healthier Kids

Much like releasing chickens from their coop, as a child, my siblings and I were routinely banished from the family home during the day, and encouraged to roam free for hours on end. With the family home surrounded by bushland we were quite safe, but such laid-back parenting style is quite rare these days.

Instead, years devoted to play and joyful learning are replaced with a round robin of scheduled activities, making childhood a stress-filled time of striving and competing.