Parenting Tool TWENTY FOUR-

I knelt down on the ground in front of my two year old and said slowly, “You do not throw sand at people. Sand hurts in your eyes. Ouch!”

Fast forward ten years. I grabbed my twelve year old by the arm and said, “Heh, you know sand hurts when it gets in your eyes. I’m disappointed that you chose to throw sand at your brother.”

Parenting Tool TWENTY THREE-

“I’ve tried everything! She doesn’t fall asleep until nearly 11 o’clock at night and I have to drag her out of bed at 6 in the morning! She’s exhausted, and so am I.”

I listened to a young mom complain about how difficult it was to put her daughter to bed every single night. And then she said something that made it obvious what the problem was.

Parenting Tool TWENTY TWO-

One of the most fascinating ways you can play with your newborn is to make faces at them. Have you ever done this? Maybe you’ve stuck your tongue out and witnessed them doing the same. Newborns have the ability to mimic our facial expressions just hours after birth!

While the goal is not to teach your young baby to stick their tongue out at people, it is an interesting experiment that proves we are born with brains that imitate what other people do. Scientists have studied this with interest since the 1970s. And their findings give me hope as a parent. I think you’ll be encouraged as well.

Parenting Tool TWENTY ONE-

Here is powerful tool that is thousands of years old. What I’m about to share with you is a parenting tool that is tried and tested. Your parents would approve and so would your grandparents. This tool is the simple act of getting your kids to spend more time outdoors.

It sounds so easy, but if you’re parenting children or teenagers today, you know the struggle is real. It’s hard to get kids outside! They’d rather be inside sitting passively, entertained by technology. And I can totally relate to wanting to keep kids safely indoors. You can’t be outside with them all the time. You have work to do and meals to make.