Kids love learning new things every day and if they dont learn something new, they feel they had a bad day. Sadly this learning attitude and behavior is lost somewhere in the background when children grow older. The best thing you can do as parents is help kids get familiar with these 11 life-changing philosophies that would make them a better person.

1. There’s no room for excuses

Of course there would be times when kids would be upset because things didn’t work out the way they want them to. From missing project deadlines to not doing well in school, kids would naturally want to make excuses on why things didn’t go as planned. But this sadly doesnt solve their problems or helps them become a better person. Instead of blaming others or making excuses, children should be encouraged to make improvements in their attitude to eventually get to the position they want to.

2. Keep going and stop only when you’re done

Kids are going to get tired of responsibilities and challenges. They’ll probably even get burned out when things aren’t going well, but this attitude is toxic and would never help them succeed. As long as your kids put in enough efforts and keep going, they will be able to accomplish their goals with great ease.

3. Honesty is valuable

From a young age, kids should understand that they should only promise what they can deliver. The truth may hurt (people do have expectations), but this will save them time, money and peace of mind.

4. Let success make the noise

When kids start to do something well, they would want to show off and tell others about how they made it. But, its your job as parents to stop them from showing off as it wont do them any good. Instead, ask them to focus on their work and keep pushing ahead.

5. Don’t be surrounded by negative people

The last you want to happen is being surrounded by negative, toxic people who only pull you back. You need to tell your kids to stay away from people who spread negativity and never let their negative thoughts affect their decisions. By being around positive people, kids are less likely to get sidetracked or make wrong decisions.

6. Successful people fail too

When you look at successful people, you would have no idea about the countless hours of effort, hard work and learning they put into their work. More importantly, every successful person experiences failures at some point in their lives, but what makes them different from other ordinary people is that they keep fight until they’re able to overcome the odds.

7. You can never succeed with a closed mind

Every successful person undergoes some kind of struggle and while your kids are chasing their dreams, they should be encouraged to keep their minds open. That’s right. You need to set clear goals and figure out ways to accomplish them. Nothing comes easy, so you should prepare your kids to work hard and keep fighting through tough times. You also need to motivate them to keep pushing forward and never once feel that they know everything. These were some great philosophies successful parents teach their kids. Are there any specific philosophies that you follow? Share your ideas in the comments.


Ellen is a Washington state mother of 2 beautiful twin daughters. While not busy being Uber mum and ferrying them from school to ballet classes, she is busy reading and writing. She hopes that through her stories, other mothers will find parenting as much of a joy as she does.