If you have ever asked yourself the following questions, you know you are in the right place.

  • “Why do simple things (like going to school, getting dressed) always end up with me yelling?”
  • “I wish I could get my children to just listen…for once (ok, maybe twice)…”
  • “My kid surely has ADHD, this is not normal behaviour is it?”
  • “How do I become one of ‘those parents’ who just has things figured out instead of pulling my hair out daily and feeling like life is just spinning out of control?”

If the questions above have crossed your mind, you are not alone. In fact, I went through them myself.

Hi, my name is Hoe Bing. I have two kids, one just born recently (literally 4 days old), his name is Jason and another 3 year old angel of a kid, Jessica.

When I am not playing doctor in the emergency department or busy researching neuroscience articles, my kids are my world. When they were born, I read like a madman.

Everything I was given from the maternity ward I read, every piece of advice I soaked up. Introduction to fatherhood DVD – check. Breastfeeding – check. Post partum depression – check. How to change a nappy – check.

Disaster struck

Then I went home that’s when I ran into the same issues you are struggling with.

Jessica didn’t listen to anything that I asked her to. It’s like she went from angel to devil (ok that is way too strong, more like angel -1). Tantrums were appearing out of nowhere.

Any eating time was pure dread. It was a food fight mixed with cursing and lots of tears.

Then there were night terrors which woke my daughter up hysterical, in tears and me wondering what to do as I sat rocking her on the bedroom floor. That day when I went to work I wanted to stay at work rather than go home, it got that bad.

So I did what I knew to do best, research and problem solve. I read hundreds of parenting books cover to cover, sifted through thousands of academic behavioral psychology research papers during my lunch and tea breaks. Signed up for every parenting course I came across online and off.

What I found is that 90% of ‘advice’ out there is either pure garbage or not specifically tailored for the individual parent.

That is when I decided to create this site to help parents who are struggling with their kids behavior.

Parent who feel that every meal is a challenge, who turn to shouting because the kids just won’t listen, who spank their child because the situation seems hopeless and who are at their wits end with no hope in sight.

Parents, good parents who love their children, who are doing the very best they know how yet still feel like a complete failure and just cannot catch a break.

This site is dedicated to helping you.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 5.41.40 PM

What you can expect to learn?

  • How about a simple way of asking questions which is guaranteed to have your toddler listen to you (with no fighting). After I learnt this technique, shouting became a thing of the past.
  • A quick mental hack on how to stop your child’s endless barrage of ‘Why’ questions. Stopped why questions while still answering to the kids curiosity. Deceptively simple, unbelievably effective.
  • The one habit you can develop which will turn a yelling match into a peaceful way of connecting with your child. I no longer butt heads with my toddler and you can too.

It is possible to stop shouting, end the fighting, do away with the spanking and parent in a way that makes both you and your children happy.

Sign up for my special report, ‘Talk so your child will listen’ below. Simply enter your name and email address and stop the yelling matches today.